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We are a Fiat & Alfa Romeo parts supplier and specialize in the Classic Alfa family as well modern greats.  If you need parts, accessories or help and advice please contact us for help.  We supply parts from body panels and wheels to brakes, suspension, trim and engine parts.

Model: Lancia A112 Abarth (from 1978 on) Stock: In Stock
Made in Italyfor Left Hand Drive CarLancia Part No: 82342856to fit:Autobianchi A112 Abarth (from 1978 on)If you have any questions please contact us f..
Ex Tax:£8.95
Model: Fiat 127,128,Classic Panda,A112 Stock: In Stock
Round Air Filter Dimensions OD 203mm, ID 155mm, H50to fit:Fiat 127 various modelsFiat 128 various modelsClassic Fiat Panda 45Autobianchi A112If y..
Ex Tax:£8.95
Model: Autobianchi A112 Stock: In Stock
Brand NewMade in ItalyThis is a kit of FOUR (4) Aluminium Window Surround Trims for the inside and outside of both doors, completewith the window weat..
Ex Tax:£69.95
Model: Fiat 127, A112 all models Stock: In Stock
Complete Inner & Outer Bonnet cableFiat Part No: 4204667, 4204668, 4482342, 4482419to fit:Fiat 127 all modelsAutobianchi A112 all modelsIf yo..
Ex Tax:£8.50
Model: Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Lancia Stock: In Stock
This Clip is used on many different models of Italian Cars from the early 70's to the 90's   Fiat Part No: 994922..
Ex Tax:£1.75
Model: Fiat,Alfa Romeo,Lancia,Ferrari,Seat various models Stock: In Stock
Brake Light Switch Pedal Activated Type   Fiat Part No's: 4067916,4124209,4177122,4177124,4220470,4220471,4345643,4345645,46785168,82304822,60..
Ex Tax:£7.95
Model: Fiat 124,125,127,128,132,X19,Strada, A112 most models Stock: In Stock
Quality Branded by LPTMade in ItalyThread: 10x1.25mmFiat Part No: 4178745,4379876,4398074,4792418,790227,791459to fit:&<ALFA ROMEOAR ..
Ex Tax:£19.95
Model: Fiat 126, 128, A112 Stock: In Stock
Made in ItalyLength 114mmFiat Part No: 4379664,4194413to fit:Fiat 126 (from 1978/79 on) with 98 PCD WheelsFiat 128A112If you have any questions please..
Ex Tax:£1.95
Model: Fiat Panda,Uno,127,128,Y10,A112 all models Stock: In Stock
Genuine Fiat Part CV Joint   Fiat Part No: 5998706   to fit: Classic Fiat Panda all models inc 4x4 (up to 2002) Fiat Uno all models (..
Ex Tax:£34.95
Model: WEBER 32 ICEV Stock: In Stock
Brand NewMade in ItalyFor Carburettor WEBER 32 ICEVWEBER 32 ICEV 55WEBER 32 ICEV 10WEBER 32 ICEV 25/250WEBER 32 ICEV 50WEBER 32 ICEV 51WEBER 32 ICEV 2..
Ex Tax:£11.95
Model: WEBER 32/34 DMTR Stock: In Stock
Brand NewMade in ItalyThis is for the WEBER Carburettor WEBER 32 DMTRWEBER 34 DMTRWEBER 32 DMTR (20)to fit:AUTOBIANCHIA 1121.0 Abarth51Kw 70CV 10..
Ex Tax:£9.95
Model: Classic Fiat Panda, Uno 903cc all models Stock: In Stock
Complete kit of 8 Inlet and Exhaust Valve Springs   Fiat Part No: 5954839 to fit: Classic Fiat Panda 45 903cc (82 on) all models ..
Ex Tax:£24.95
Model: 843cc, 903cc & 965cc Engines Stock: In Stock
Fiat Part No: 9928446   This Distributor Cap is for Magnetti Marelli type Distributor   to fit:   Autobianchi A 112 Junio..
Ex Tax:£14.95
Model: Classic Fiat Panda,127,A112 Abarth 903cc, 1049cc & 1301cc Stock: Out Of Stock
Genuine Fiat PartFiat Part No: 4247799,4314781Teeth: 20Diameter 25.5mmto fit:Classic Fiat Panda 903cc (from 1980 on)Fiat 127 903cc, 1049cc & 1301c..
Ex Tax:£21.95
Model: Autobianchi A112, Panda,Uno,127 903cc Stock: In Stock
Brand NewMade in ItalyComplete Set of Gasket and Oil SealsFiat Part No: 5892385to fit:DescriptionPeriodNotesEngine codeCC.ØKWTypeAUTOBIANCHI A 112 ABA..
Ex Tax:£34.95
Model: Fiat & Autobianchi FIRE Engines Stock: In Stock
Brand NewMade in ItalyFiat Part NO: 7669581,46465291to fit:Autobianchi A112 1108cc Classic Fiat Panda 999cc, 1108ccFiat Uno 999cc, 1108ccFiat Cin..
Ex Tax:£6.50
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