Fiat Punto MK2 (188 version from 1999 to 2006)

Fiat Punto MK2  (188 version from 1999 to 2006)

We supply parts and accessories for the complete Fiat Punto range of models from the mk1 (1993 to 1999), the Punto mk2 (1999 to 2006) and the Grande Punto (2006 on).  Some of the models we cater for are the GT, Active,Sporting,Cabriolet,sx,elx,Dynamic,Evo,Hgt and many more.  The parts we supply range from service items like Oil Filter, Air Filter and Spark Plugs to larger items like Exhaust, Shock Absorbers, Brakes, Cables, Engine Components Clutch and Transmission Parts as well as many accessories.  We also have a vast knowledge of the Fiat Punto range and can offer help and advice if required.

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