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Clutch and Transmission Parts

Model: Fiat 850, 900 T/E all models Stock: In Stock
Clutch Disc  Twenty Fine-spline Type Extra Strength Six Spring Disc Diameter 155mm   Fiat Part No: 4105638   to fit: ..
Model: Fiat 850 Saloon,Coupe,Spider & 900 T/E all models Stock: In Stock
Brand NewMade in Italyto fit:Fiat 850 Saloon, Coupe & Spider all modelsFiat 900T/E all modelsIf you have any questions please contact us for help..
Model: Fiat 850 & 900T/E all models Stock: In Stock
Good Quality Italian Brand Three Piece Clutch Kit   (160mm Diameter)   to fit: Fiat 850 all Fiat 900 T/E   If you have any qu..
Model: Fiat 850 & 900T/E all models Stock: In Stock
Clutch Thrust Bearing (Carbon) Supplied with TWO Clips   to fit: Fiat 850 all models inc Coupe,Spider,Berlina,Special,T Fiat 900 T..
Model: Fiat 850,127,A112,Uno,Panda various models Stock: In Stock
Flywheel Ring Gear   Dimensions: O.D. 247mm I.D. 222mm Thickness 12mm 115 Teeth   Fiat Part No: 4109024 to fit: Fiat Uno 903cc Fiat P..
Model: Fiat 850 all models Stock: In Stock
Genuine OE Branded Bearing Made by SKFMain Shaft Bearing 52mm x 20 x15Fiat Part No: 23144770 (see diagram)to fit:Fiat 850 all modelsIf you h..
Model: 850 Berlina,Sport,Coupe,Spider & 900T/E Stock: In Stock
Gearbox Gasket Set   to fit: Fiat 850 Berlina, Sport, Coupe, Spider all models Fiat 900 T/E all models   If you have any questions ple..
Model: Fiat 600D/T/Multipla,850 & 900T/E all models Stock: Out Of Stock
Made in ItalyFiat Part No: 4263658,4136215to fit:Fiat 600D/T & MultiplaFiat 850 Saloon, Sports, SpiderFiat 850T Fiat 900 T/EIf you  have..
Model: Many Classic Italian Car Models Stock: In Stock
Gearbox Oil for classic and older models 80W-90   Please click this link for more info..
Model: Prevents loosening on vibrating assemblies Stock: In Stock
High-strength general threadlocker for maximum efficacyKey FeaturesHigh-strength general threadlocker for maximum efficacyPrevents loosening on v..
Model: Fiat 900T/E all models Stock: In Stock
To fit Brake & Clutch Pedal only   Dimmensions: Length 74mm ( at longest point) Width 52mm   to fit: Fiat 900T/E all models &nbs..
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