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Exterior Trim

Model: Classic Fiat 500,600,850 PLUS MANY OTHER MODELS Stock: In Stock
This is a kit of Front & Rear Aluminium Number Plate FramesDimmensions: Front:  260mm x 60mmRear: 260mm x 190mmto fit:Classic Fiat 500 a..
Ex Tax:£16.95
Model: Fiat 600T, 850T, 900T,E Stock: In Stock
Rubber Strap with reinforced holes that connects to the Door to stop it flying back There is one fitted per door   Price is for ONE Strap and ..
Ex Tax:£24.95
Model: Fiat 900 E all models Stock: In Stock
Genuine Fiat Part Front Grille which fits onto the Front Panel between the Head Lights Black Plastic Grille with Silver Trim   Fiat Part ..
Ex Tax:£49.95
Model: Many Models of Italian Cars Stock: In Stock
Made in ItalyThis is made for the Italian Number Plate Size 335mm x 222mmThe fitting holes are 260mm centre to centre across, and 185mm horizontally c..
Ex Tax:£9.95
Model: Any Fiat Model Stock: In Stock
This Vinyl Sticker is made to fit across the top of either the Front or Rear Screen on your Fiat and is in the colours of the Italian Flag  ..
Ex Tax:£34.95
Model: Fiat 850T all models Stock: In Stock
Set of FOUR Chrome Knudge Bars for Front & Rear Bumpers   to fit: Fiat 850T all models   If you have any questions please contact u..
Ex Tax:£99.95
Model: Classic Fiat 500, 126 early & 600 all models Stock: In Stock
This is a White Wall Tyre Trim that fits onto the outside of the standard Black Tyre to give the effect of a White Wall Tyre Size is for 13 inch..
Ex Tax:£16.95
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