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Model: Fiat Uno, 132, Argenta all models Stock: In Stock
Rubber Pad for Accelator Pedal   Fiat Part No:  4213235   to fit: Fiat Uno all models (from 1983 to 1995) Fiat 132 & Argenta ..
Ex Tax:£2.95
Model: Alfa Romeo various models Stock: In Stock
Alfa Romeo Part No: 71754085, also 60603977, also 7786626 RRP: £25.30   to fit:  Alfa Romeo 147 - 3.2 GTA Alfa Romeo 156 -..
Ex Tax:£15.95
Model: FIRE Engine various models Stock: In Stock
Supplied in Blue or Orange   Fiat Part No: 71736127 RRP:  £11.84   to fit:  Classic Fiat Panda 750cc, 1000cc & 1100cc tw..
Ex Tax:£5.95
Model: Fiat 1116cc,1301cc,1498cc & 1585cc Stock: In Stock
Brand New Branded Quality PartsFinished in Orange Colourto fit:Fiat Uno 1116cc & 1301cc (NON TURBO)Fiat X19 1500Fiat Strada/Ritmo 1116cc, 1301cc, ..
Ex Tax:£7.95
Model: MK1 1.3 & MK2 1.4 Turbo Stock: In Stock
Good Quality Filter made in Italy by Sofima   Fiat Part Number: 71736151,7558338   to fit:  Fiat Uno Turbo MK1 1300cc F..
Ex Tax:£9.95
Model: many models Stock: In Stock
Automatic Gearbox/Power Steering Oil TUTELA TECHNYX 10W   A very commonly used Oil which is slightly pink in colour   Used in most Fiat..
Ex Tax:£9.55
Model: Fiat many models Stock: In Stock
This Metal flame trap is inserted into the Breather Hose   Fiat Part No: 4114059, 7664172   to fit: Classic Fiat 500 all models (up to ..
Ex Tax:£2.95
Model: 750cc,1000cc & 1100cc FIRE (WEBER 32 TLF) Stock: Out Of Stock
Complete kit including, all x Gaskets 2x Diaphram 1x Needle Valve 1x Filter all x Seals & Clips   For WEBER 32 TLF Carbu..
Ex Tax:£17.95
Model: WEBER 32 ICEV Stock: In Stock
Brand NewMade in Italyto fit:Classic Fiat Panda 45 903ccFiat Uno 903cc, 1116ccFiat 127 1050ccFiat 128 1116ccFiat Strada,Ritmo 1116ccYugoZastavaIf you ..
Ex Tax:£11.95
Model: 750cc & 1000cc FIRE Stock: In Stock
This is a repair kit for the Cassette type Points  For Magnetti Marelli Type Distributor   Fiat Part No: 9940569/KIT   t..
Ex Tax:£7.95
Model: various models FIRE Engine Stock: In Stock
Made to fit MAGNETTI MARELLI type distributor Fiat Part No: 9939789   to fit: FIAT   FIORINO Furgonato 1..
Ex Tax:£14.95
Model: various models Stock: In Stock
This Electronic Pick Up is fitted inside the Distributor and connects to the Electronic module on the outside of the Distributor It is always reco..
Ex Tax:£29.95
Model: Classic Fiat Panda,Uno 999cc & 1108cc Stock: In Stock
Quality OE BeltMade in ItalySize 10 x 675to fit:Classic Fiat Panda 999cc, 1108cc all models (from 1985 to 2002)Fiat Uno 999cc, 1108cc  all models..
Ex Tax:£5.95
Model: Fiat Uno,128,Strada,X19 1116cc,1301cc & 1498cc Stock: Out Of Stock
OE Quality Parts   to fit:   Fiat Uno 1116cc, 1301cc all models Fiat 128 1116cc, 1301cc all models Fiat Strada  111..
Ex Tax:£6.95
Model: 600,Panda,Uno,127 903cc all models Stock: In Stock
Original Quality Made by CORTECO in Italy   Fiat Part No:  40000320   to fit: Fiat 600 Classic Fiat Panda 903cc all m..
Ex Tax:£4.50
Model: many models Stock: In Stock
Original Quality Part Made by UFI in Italy   Directional Fuel Filter this part fits most carburettor powered cars and helps to stop t..
Ex Tax:£3.95
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