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Model: Fiat, Alfa Romeo & Lancia Stock: In Stock
Multigrade Motor Oil (15W/40) Suitable for older and classic carsHigh quality 15W/40 mineral engine oil to meet the requirements of API SL/CG-..
Ex Tax:£13.95
Model: Xtra Large Removes oil, grease and grime Stock: In Stock
Powerful, heavy-duty hand cleaner wipes that removes oil, grease and grime quickly and efficiently, ideal where there is no access to waterKey Fe..
Ex Tax:£9.95
Model: Prevents loosening on vibrating assemblies Stock: In Stock
High-strength general threadlocker for maximum efficacyKey FeaturesHigh-strength general threadlocker for maximum efficacyPrevents loosening on v..
Ex Tax:£4.95
Model: Suitable for bonding all threaded metal assemblies Stock: In Stock
A fast curing, single part anaerobic thread-lockerKey FeaturesA fast curing, single part anaerobic thread-lockerA very high strength, low viscosi..
Ex Tax:£11.95
Model: Fit's many model Fiat Petrol & Diesel models Stock: In Stock
This is a twist on Oil Filler Cap complete with Rubber Seal   Petrol & Diesel Models   Fiat Part No: 4232606, 5990974 to fit: ..
Ex Tax:£5.95
Model: 499cc,594cc,843cc,903cc all models Stock: In Stock
TS ------ P002 21 M 12 x 1,5 Bar ------ 0.30   Oil Pressure Switch   Fiat Part No: 592740..
Ex Tax:£6.95
Model: Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Lancia Many Models Stock: In Stock
Oil Pressure Switch TS ------ P001 21 M 14 x 1,5 Bar ------ 0.30     ..
Ex Tax:£7.95
Model: many models Stock: In Stock
TS ------ P018 21 M 14 x 1,5 Bar ------ 0.30   Oil Pressure Switch   Fiat/Alfa Romeo Part..
Ex Tax:£9.95
Model: Classic Fiat Panda,Uno,127,A112 903cc all models Stock: Out Of Stock
Oil Pump & Pick Up   Fiat Part No:  4284907,4227634,46514517 to fit: Classic Fiat Panda 903cc all models Fiat Uno 903cc all models ..
Ex Tax:£79.95
Model: FIRE Engine 999cc & 1108cc Stock: In Stock
Oil Pump & Gasket   Fiat Part No:  7588739,7588740,7588730,46524431,46781380 to fit: FIAT UNO MK2 1.0 & 1108 FIRE 1989-1995 FIA..
Ex Tax:£104.95
Model: FIRE Engine 1108cc Stock: Out Of Stock
Genuine Fiat Oil Pump   Fiat Part No:  46781379,7727985 to fit: FIAT PANDA 1108CC 2003-2009 FIAT PUNTO MK1 & MK2 1108CC 1993-1..
Ex Tax:£94.95
Model: Classic Fiat Panda,Uno,Punto MK1,Y10 (with FIRE Engines) Stock: In Stock
This is a foil lined hose that connects from the manifold to the air filter housingPush fit no clips required38mm Diameter x 130mm LengthNo 12 in the ..
Ex Tax:£4.95
Model: Many models from 750cc to 1.4cc Stock: In Stock
This is the Rear Crankshaft Oil Seal OE quality made by CORTECO in Italy   Fiat Part No: 7724665, 71754491   Click Link for Information ..
Ex Tax:£6.95
Model: all models (from 1985 to 1995) Stock: In Stock
No 9 in the diagrams, fits at the rear of the gearbox to Fit:  Fiat Panda 4x4 (from 1985 to 1999)  Fiat Part No: 7550361 RRP: £31.64 &..
Ex Tax:£19.50
Model: 750cc/1000cc (from 1985 to 1999) Stock: In Stock
No 6 in the diagram, fits at the rear of the gearbox to Fit:  Fiat Panda 750/1000 (from 1985 to 1999)  NOT 4x4 Fiat Part No: 7544643 R..
Ex Tax:£21.50
Model: Classic Fiat Panda FIRE, 4x4 & Uno Fire Stock: In Stock
Fully Factory re-built Starter Motor with all new parts fitted Fully Guaranteed and supplied with a 12 month warranty   to fit: Classic Fiat ..
Ex Tax:£94.95
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