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Model: 899cc (1993 to 2000) Stock: In Stock
Good Quality Filter made in Italy by Sofima   Fiat Part No: 4434868   to fit:  Fiat Cinquecento & Seicento 899cc (a..
Model: 1.1 & 1.2 Spi Stock: In Stock
Fiat Part No: 71754224,7759323,71736120 RRP:  £8.44   to fit:  Fiat Cinquecento Sporting, Seicento 1108cc Spi (1993 to 1999) ..
Model: Fiat 999cc & 1108cc various models (from 1992 on) Stock: In Stock
OE Quality Branded PartsLength 675mmBelt with 4 Ribsto fit:Fiat CinquecentoFiat SeicentoClassic Fiat Panda (from 1992 on)Fiat Punto MK1Fiat UnoPlease ..
Model: Fiat many models Stock: In Stock
This Metal flame trap is inserted into the Breather Hose   Fiat Part No: 4114059, 7664172   to fit: Classic Fiat 500 all models (up to ..
Model: Fiat & Alfa Romeo various models Stock: In Stock
Fiat Part No:  46808398, also 71736159 RRP:  £10.13   to fit:   (FIAT) - 2V STILO F.L.L. 2003 (2003-2007)   &nb..
Model: Fiat Strada 130 Abarth,Lancia Delta Integrale plus many others Stock: In Stock
Quality PartsMade in ItalyFiat Part No's: 4434791,46805828,71736162to fit:Fiat Classic Panda 750cc,903cc,965cc 4x4Fiat Cinquecento, Seicento 899ccFiat..
Model: Fiat Various 1.2 8V & 16V Stock: In Stock
Fiat Part No:  71736161, 46544820 RRP:  £10.46   to fit:  New Fiat 500 1.242cc & 1368ccNew Fiat 500L 1368cc ..
Model: Fiat, Alfa Romeo & Lancia Stock: In Stock
Fiat's recommended Blue Antifreeze for many older models of Fiat, Alfa Romeo & Lancia   Click here on link for more info..
Model: 1.1, 1.2, 1.6 16V & 1.8 16V Stock: In Stock
Original Quality Made by NGK   Fiat Part No: 46531918 to fit: Classic Fiat Panda (Spi) all models (from 1992 on) Fiat Punto 1.2..
Model: many models Stock: In Stock
Original Quality equipment made by SKF   Dimmensions:  Outer Diameter: 57 mm, Height: 24 mm   Fiat Part No: 5972277..
Model: 750cc, 999cc & 1108cc various Stock: In Stock
OE QUALITY PARTSMade by SKFThis is a kit consisting of Belt and Tensioner Bearing     to fit:   Classic Panda 750cc,..
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