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We are a Fiat parts supplier and specialize in the Classic Fiat family as well modern greats.  If you need parts, accessories or help and advice please contact us for help.  We supply parts from body panels and wheels to brakes, suspension, trim and engine parts.

Model: Punto 1.2 8V Stock: In Stock
Fiat Part No: 71754083 RRP:  £12.04   to fit:   1.2 8V  (FIAT) - 1N PUNTO BZ (1999-2003)  (FIAT) - 1W DO..
Ex Tax:£10.50
Model: 1.3 JTD/Multijet all models Stock: In Stock
Made by BOSCHto fit:New Fiat 500 1.3 JTD/MultijetFiat Grande Punto 1.3 JTD/MultijetFiat Punto 1.3 JTD/MultijetFiat Doblo 1.3 JTD/MultijetFiat Idea 1.3..
Ex Tax:£5.95
Model: Fia & Alfa Romeo 1242cc & 1368cc all models Stock: In Stock
OE Quality Parts Made by BOSCHDimms: 279mm x 97mm x 60mmFiat Part No: 55192012to fit:New Fiat 500 1.2New Fiat Panda 1.2 & 1.4Grande Punto  1...
Ex Tax:£5.95
Model: Fiat New Panda,Punto,Idea,Doblo 1.3 MJTD Stock: In Stock
Genuine Boxed BOSCH Part Made by BOSCH (No: 0281002613)   Fiat Part No: 46784582,51774531    to fit: Fiat New Panda 1.3 M..
Ex Tax:£139.95
Model: many models Stock: In Stock
Automatic Gearbox/Power Steering Oil TUTELA TECHNYX 10W   A very commonly used Oil which is slightly pink in colour   Used in most Fiat..
Ex Tax:£9.55
Model: Fiat,Lancia, Alfa Romeo Stock: In Stock
Fine Thread Banjo Bolt to fit many different Italian cars..
Ex Tax:£3.95
Model: Varta B18/063 Stock: In Stock
Top Quality VARTA Battery (4 Year Guarantee)   Length: 212 mm Width: 175 mm Height: ..
Ex Tax:£44.95
Model: Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Lancia Stock: In Stock
This Clip is used on many different models of Italian Cars from the early 70's to the 90's   Fiat Part No: 994922..
Ex Tax:£1.75
Model: Fiat Punto & Doblo Various (1999 on) Stock: In Stock
Brake Light Switch TAKES A 2 PIN PLUG   Fiat Part No: 46760767 to fit:   DOBLO I 1.2 (223AXA1A) 223 A5.000  03/0..
Ex Tax:£11.95
Model: many models (from 1995 to 2013) Stock: In Stock
Brake Light Switch Fits around the Brake Pedal and is activated when the Pedal is pressed (TAKES A 4 PIN PLUG)   Fiat Part No: 46840510,60801..
Ex Tax:£14.95
Model: Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Lancia Stock: In Stock
Fits many different Fiat, Alfa Romeo & Lancia..
Ex Tax:£1.50
Model: 1.2 8V models Stock: In Stock
This Hose is a common failure as it perishes and splits slightly affecting the running of the car   Fiat Part No: 46536776 to fit: Fiat Punto..
Ex Tax:£5.95
Model: 1.6 16V Stock: In Stock
L ------ 405 L1 ------ - - - Hall ------ Effect   Camshaft Position Sensor   Fiat Part No's:  ..
Ex Tax:£49.95
Model: Fiat Punto MK2 and Doblo all models Stock: In Stock
Clutch Master Cylinder   Fiat Part No:  46736109,55234771,55196180   (no 1 in diagram) to fit: Fiat Punto MK2 1.2 8V & 16V,&nbs..
Ex Tax:£59.95
Model: Fiat & Alfa Romeo Various models Stock: In Stock
Clutch Pedal SwitchFiat Part No's: 46840511,46742976,46834703,60685431,60816500to fit:New Fiat 500 Abarth 1.4New Fiat 500New Fiat Bravo all model..
Ex Tax:£8.95
Model: Fiat & Alfa Romeo Various Models Stock: In Stock
Common Failure on many Fiat & Alfa Models This Shaft holds the Thrust Bearing in place inside the Gearbox and is prone to wear Shaft is supplied..
Ex Tax:£25.50
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